Schöne Neue Welt 2030


Ullrich Mies  born in 1951, studied international politics in Duisburg and Kingston / Jamaica. His areas of work include criticism of capitalism, the collapse of democracy and anti-militarism. In Promedia Verlag he published (together with Jens Wernicke as editor): „Facade democracy and deep state. On the way to an authoritarian age“ (9th edition 2021) and „The deep state strikes. How the western world creates and creates crises Wars prepared „(3rd edition 2019).



German edition available.

Ullrich Mies, „Brave New World 2030: The Fall of Democracy and the Rise of a Totalitarian Order“ (2021)

The corona crisis brought it to light: the facade of western democracies has collapsed since the beginning of 2020.
When dealing with the pandemic, those in power almost everywhere used authoritarian methods.
Their instrumentalization turned into an elite plot that dwarfs any conspiracy theory.
Nothing has highlighted the real function of the bourgeois state as clearly as this crisis.
Governments work as executives for big money, big pharma and big data.
The secret service and military organization of the war and security complex thus became the enemy of its own populations.
In the shadow of the Corona state of emergency, the establishment of a totalitarian order is being rehearsed.
Democrats are called upon to thwart this plan.
This volume is intended to make a contribution to this.
Ullrich Mies lets international experts have their say.
They deal with the „New Normal“ that the globalists of the financial world and the World Economic Forum have envisaged for humanity: a digitized, controlled and transhumanist, dehumanized world.
On the other hand, it is necessary to sharpen the analysis and use the knowledge as a weapon of resistance.

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